Hello, Sumter, SC!

Carolina Physical Therapy showcases the beautiful town of Sumter, South Carolina,

Welcome to Sumter, South Carolina!


Are you a physical therapist looking for an exciting and fulfilling career change? Look no further than Carolina Physical Therapy! At Carolina PT, we understand the importance of work/life balance and encourage our team to find what works best for them. We take pride in the communities we serve, and today we celebrate the beautiful Sumter, South Carolina! This city is full of charm, rich history, and stunning natural beauty. Whether you enjoy learning about the past, being in nature, or exploring urban areas, Sumter offers countless opportunities for discovery.

We currently have some open roles at our Sumter clinic, including Clinic Director. To help you better understand the community of Sumter and the culture at Carolina PT, we sat down with Assistant Director Carrie Cheung, to learn more about both!


JB: Thank you for taking time to chat with me! First off, tell us about you- Your family, where you went to school, your degree, your hobbies.

CC: I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training at University of Lynchburg, which used to be known as Lynchburg College. I worked there for a couple of years as an Athletic Trainer before going back and getting my Doctorate of Physical Therapy at University of Lynchburg. My husband is in the USAF so Shaw brought us here

JB: Can you tell us a bit about your role at the Sumter clinic and what you love most about working here?

CC: Yes! I’m the Assistant Director here at the Sumter clinic. I help manage the day to day and ensure the clinic runs as smoothly as possible. I really enjoy the variety here. Every day is a surprise and I mean that in a positive way! With this clinic, I’m never stuck in a rut which keeps me on my toes and sometimes forces me to think outside the box to solve complex cases.

JB: How do you maintain work/life balance within your role at Carolina PT?

CC: One of my rules is to not bringing work stress into my personal life. All aspect of life will bring on some level of stress but when you can’t do things you like or don’t have the energy to because you’ve expended all your energy with work tasks, then you’re on the road to burnout. One thing I don’t do is have my work email connected to my phone. This way I can’t just get on to see what I missed after work hours or do work tasks after hours. Weekend resets are always wonderful because I get to do what I want when I want. I do things that relaxes me like crafting or enjoying the sun.

JB: In your opinion, what is something unique about the Sumter Carolina PT Clinic?

CC: Our goal is to restore function and Carolina PT helps us foster that goal. We also have a really good teamwork approach here so no one feels like they can’t ask for help or a different point of view. Sometimes you need a different view of the problem to see a solution!

JB: Do you have any niche specialties that you enjoy to treat?

CC: I specialize in pelvic health but I would say I’m a generalist as well. I love helping patients return to activities without fear of leakage or pain but I also see a variety of patients ranging from athletic injuries to neuro to geriatric. I just love helping people return to activities!

JB: How has Carolina PT fostered your career growth?

CC: Carolina PT has helped me pursue my career in pelvic health. I was given full support to take the necessary courses to further my knowledge and skills in order to provide my community a much needed service. Carolina PT also helped me hone in my leadership skills by giving me their trust in managing a clinic.

JB: How would you describe the culture at the Sumter clinic? What sets it apart from other places you have worked?

CC: We like to have fun! Healing and improving pain is more than just physical improvement. Emotional and mental wellness plays a significant part in the healing process and we like to target every aspect! I love that this company gives me the autonomy to tailor the treatments to the patient’s needs and adjust as needed. There are other companies out there that dictate how long you can see someone, how often and what you can or can’t do.

Carolina Physical Therapy in Sumter, SC, showcasing a fun work culture.

JB: What is the Carolina PT leadership team like? 

CC: I know this sounds like a typical PR answer but truly, our leaders pretty awesome humans! I feel like I can reach out to anyone and ask for help or advice without hesitation. It’s wonderful to see a group of individuals whose main goal is “how do I make therapy better for the community?”. We have Director’s meetings where we all get together to figure out how to take our clinic and our skills to the next level. It would be naïve to think there isn’t a business component to the meetings but at the end of the day, without a doubt, the funnel leads back to does this help the community.

Welcome to Sumter

JB: Alright,Enough about work, I want to know about your community! What are some of your favorite local spots in Sumter to relax and unwind?

CC: Sumter Original Brewery (SOB) is a really nice place to unwind. They have multiple floors and a rooftop section for the nice weather days. I also really like Swan Lake. It’s a nice outdoor area to walk and enjoy nature. Although nothing really beats unwinding in my own home haha

Photo of Swan Lake Iris Gardens at Sumter, South Carolina, taken by Carrie Cheung at Carolina Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

Photo credit: Carrie Cheung

JB: Can you share any hidden gems or must-visit places in Sumter for newcomers?

CC: Palmetto Tennis Center is a free recreational facility people don’t immediately know about! Patriot Park is a nice pavilion and Swan Lake is a must visit.

JB: What you like to do outside of work?

CC: I’m just a busy body when it comes to hobbies! I dabble in photography, crafting a lot ranging from miniature houses to t shirt to stickers. I also like to bake or going to the movies with my friends and family (except scary movies!). I also enjoy outdoorsy activities like hiking, going to breweries, kayaking, biking, etc. Sometimes I just like to sit and read a book, too!

Photo taken by Carrie Cheung, Assistant Director at Carolina Physical Therapy in Sumter, SC

Photo credit: Carrie Cheung

JB: Who has the best burger in Sumter?

CC: J O’Gradys! They have an ah-mazing garlic aioli sauce and a variety of beverages everyone can enjoy!

JB: Are there any local events or festivals in Sumter that you look forward to every year?

CC: The Iris festival at Swan Lake is a fun one that happens every year around! It’s family friendly filled with arts & crafts, plants, car shows, and concerts. During the winter Holidays they have the Fantasy of Lights where the community can drive through and enjoy Christmas lights with their family.

JB: I LOVE Christmas light shows! Okay, next question… can you recommend some great places to eat in Sumter?

CC: Where to begin! Sumter Original Brewery has some amazing nachos, Sidebar eggrolls are amazing, Baker’s Sweets if you’re looking for dessert, J O’Gradys for their burger and aioli sauce, Brubaker’s coffee and treats, Yummy if you’re looking for some Asian cuisine, MaryAnn’s Deli if you want some delicious sandwich and pasta salad, or Las Palmas if you’re feeling Mexican with endless chips and salsa. If you can’t decide? The Sumter Farmer’s Market on Fridays have a variety of food trucks!

JB: What is the most underrated hangout spot in Sumter?

CC: Lock, Clock and Peril Escape Rooms! It’s such a fun small business in Sumter and everything from idea to the moving platform is handmade by the owners!

JB: How does Sumter cater to a healthy lifestyle, and what fitness or wellness facilities are available?

CC: Sumter has a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that facilitates and fosters wellness. We have several gyms of with a various price range that’s suitable to everyone. If memberships are not your thing, there are a lot of free outdoor walking area like Patriot Park and Swan Lake.

JB: Alright, one more question for a prospective addition to your team. What advice would you give to someone considering relocating to Sumter and joining the team at our clinic? Why would someone want to join the Sumter clinic team over other locations?

CC: Have fun! This goes without saying but every place and every job is only as enjoyable as you make it. Like I said before, our clinic likes to have fun! We joke and laugh with each other and with patients because we want to make this an enjoyable time for everyone. Sumter’s clinic is really unique in my opinion because we get a variety of everything: age, injuries, career fields, durations, etc. It’s a great place to make you a well-rounded PT.

JB: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today! I truly appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the position and your clinic’s fun work environment. I’m particularly impressed by the strong sense of community you’ve built here, and how cute Sumter is! 

Why Choose a Career at Carolina PT

At Carolina PT, we offer a range of perks designed to support your professional growth and personal well-being. Our commitment to continuing education includes company-sponsored CEU events, in-service presentations, a CEU allowance, and three paid CEU days per year, which can also be used for mission work.

New graduates receive extra support with additional documentation time, a gradual patient caseload ramp-up, and optional 1:1 mentoring sessions. We prioritize work/life balance with flexible scheduling, an average of seeing only 11 patients per day, and comprehensive career guidance support.

We also believe in building a strong team culture. Enjoy various team events throughout the year, such as community engagement through volunteering and mission trips, team outings like baseball games, and three team parties annually. Participate in fun activities like March Madness brackets, Fantasy Football, intramural sports, tennis tournaments, running events, and Google Review competitions. Our inclusive team environment even includes optional social gatherings outside of work hours. Check out our Instagram to learn more about our company culture!

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