Physical therapy cervical radiograph

Spinal Injuries

Eighty percent of all Americans will suffer from neck or back pain that requires a doctor’s visit. Common causes include arthritis, degenerative disc disease, sprains and strains, bulging discs, stenosis, and osteoporosis.

Modalities including heat, electric stimulation, ultrasound, traction and skilled manual therapy can help to reduce pain and muscle spasms. Gentle stretching and strengthening can also reduce spasm, improve circulation to spinal tissues and increase core strength to provide structural support. Instruction in proper sitting posture and lifting mechanics can alleviate current symptoms and prevent future recurrences.

In the state of South Carolina, many insurance plans do not require a doctor’s referral.

Contact your local clinic to find out if your insurance plan requires a referral for physical therapy.

Clinics that Specialize in Spinal Injuries (Neck and Back Pain):

Downtown Columbia

1812 Hampton Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Phone: (803) 256-0303
Fax: (803) 256-0440

Forest Acres

1718 St. Julian Place
Columbia, SC 29204

Phone: (803) 771-0370
Fax: (803) 771-0371


10071 Broad River Rd, Suite B
Irmo, SC 29063

Phone: (803) 445-1069
Fax: (803) 445-1097

Mt. Pleasant-North

3040 Hwy 17N, Suite A
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466

Phone: (843) 388-7667
Fax: (843) 388-7877

North Carelston

7800 Rivers Avenue, Suite 1240
North Charleston, SC 29406

Phone: (843) 277-0710
Fax: (843) 573-7412

White Knoll

1787 South Lake Drive
Lexington, SC 29073

Phone: (803) 957-0404
Fax:(803) 957-0458