SPRAINS AND STRAINS (Soft Tissue Injuries)

Sprains and strains are injuries that occur to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The extent of injury can range from mild to severe and the resulting pain and disability affects daily function. Patients are often frustrated, because their injuries usually cannot be observed by x-ray exams.

However, like fractures, the pain and disability of soft-tissue injuries can be just as bad or worse. Because this type of injury is sometimes more difficult to pinpoint, it can also be harder to treat. Ice and electric stimulation reduces acute inflammation and pain. Heat, ultrasound, and whirlpool promote circulation and healing. Exercise is introduced when appropriate to regain range of motion, flexibility, strength, and balance and return patients to full pre injury activities.

At Carolina Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, our staff of experienced professionals has the expertise to evaluate and appropriately treat these types of injuries allowing the patient to get well again—fast.