Yes! Carolina PT Accepts UnitedHealthcare, & more!


We frequently receive the question ‘Do you accept _____ insurance?’ This blog post is aimed at addressing that question directly. We understand the challenges of finding a physical therapy clinic that aligns with your insurance, especially when your insurance plan changes unexpectedly. It can be difficult when your current care team is no longer covered, leaving you to search for a new provider. But worry not—Carolina Physical Therapy is ready to provide comprehensive care for your back, shoulder, leg, hip, and more! We’re here to support you.

At Carolina Physical Therapy, we’re committed to providing accessible, high-quality care to everyone seeking physical therapy services. That’s why we’re pleased to confirm that we accept all major insurance companies, such as UnitedHealthcare, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Medicare, Medicaid, and more.

Navigating changes in insurance plans can be challenging in your healthcare journey, especially when adapting to modifications in coverage. If you or someone you know needs a new physical therapy provider due to recent insurance changes, rely on Carolina PT for exceptional care and support.

About Us

Carolina Physical Therapy in Gilbert, SC welcomes all major insurance providers!Carolina Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine proudly owns and operates multiple physical therapy facilities situated in Columbia, Charleston, Sumter, and Rock Hill. Our clinics boast cutting-edge equipment, and our skilled clinicians are the region’s most experienced professionals. And yes, we accept all major insurance carriers.

We adopt a proactive, hands-on approach that not only diagnoses and treats immediate issues but also educates patients on proper body mechanics for improved strength, mobility, and injury prevention. Utilizing evidence-based treatment protocols that are objective and measurable, we prioritize patient education to ensure a clear understanding of their treatments.

As a locally owned and operated clinic, we prioritize prompt care—typically scheduling patient visits within 24-48 hours. Whether it’s injury rehabilitation, pain management, post-surgical recovery, or any other physical therapy need, our commitment remains unwavering in delivering comprehensive care and support.

Our continued acceptance of UnitedHealthcare insurance broadens access to our services, reaching a wider community and striving to establish a nurturing environment where everyone receives top-tier care and feels supported.

Some of our many specialties:

Carolina Physical Therapy is fully equipped to cater to diverse patient needs, including athletes, seniors, professionals with hectic schedules, factory workers, and more! Our specialized services, such as dry needling, GRASTON technique, Aquatic Therapy, Sports Medicine, Pelvic Therapy, Worker’s Comp assistance, and more, ensure personalized care for everyone we serve.

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Ready to make the switch?

Choosing the right Physical Therapist is important. If you’re contemplating switching your physical therapy provider or have been impacted by insurance changes, you can count on us for assistance. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition and remaining your trusted partner in your pursuit of improved health. Schedule your appointment here. For specific inquiries, visit our locations page to get in touch. We’re enthusiastic and prepared to support you on your path to wellness.