Pelvic Health

Pelvic Health physical therapy includes both abdominal and pelvic health, effectively addressing conditions such as urinary incontinence, through evidence-based practice, innovative education, research, and social responsibility. It is a nonsurgical treatment covered by most insurances, catering to both men and women, including urinary incontinence, post-partum care, sexual dysfunction, and other pelvic organ and pain conditions. Our women’s health specialty is available at North Charleston. For any questions regarding urinary incontinence or other concerns, feel free to reach out to our therapist, Aliece Christopher, directly at

 Common Diagnoses that We Treat:

  • Pregnancy and postpartum
  • Men’s and women’s urinary and fecal incontinence
  • Post gynecological surgery
  • Men’s and women’s pelvic pain
  • Men’s and women’s constipation
  • Men’s and women’s pain with intercourse

What to Expect:

The Environment

We offer a comfortable, private women’s health room for one-on-one treatment with our pelvic health physical therapist, specializing in urinary incontinence. You may also request a second person in the room if it helps you feel more comfortable. Wear comfortable clothing because we will be assessing mobility and functional movement patterns related to urinary incontinence at your initial visit.

Your First Visit

At your initial visit, your therapist will talk with you about your relevant medical history. She will ask questions about functional limitations you may have due to pelvic floor dysfunction and help establish goals for physical therapy. She’s here to help, so make sure you ask any questions you may have!

The evaluation will be based on your personal comfort level and what your therapist believes is appropriate for your treatment plan. Your initial exam may include external observation and palpation of your pelvic floor muscles in order to assess muscle tone and strength. This can help your therapist determine the cause of your pelvic floor dysfunction.

Your Treatment Plan

Follow up visits will consist of a combination of education, manual therapy techniques, biofeedback, and stretching/strengthening techniques. Your therapist may recommend the purchase of reasonably priced equipment to assist in your therapy progression.

Insurance Coverage:

Insurance covers therapy for most of the treatments covered above, and we always check insurance coverage prior to the evaluation.

Learn more about women’s health physical therapy.

Meet Aliece!

Carolina Physical Therapy Aliece specializes in pelvic floor therapy, urinary incontinence, and other pelvic health concerns. Aliece attended Clemson University as an undergraduate and MUSC for her doctorate in physical therapy. She has completed training in Mulligan and McKenzie techniques of manual therapy, is certified in Integrative Dry Needling, and pursued training in post-partum rehabilitation and pelvic floor physical therapy for both men and women.
She is passionate about restoring pelvic floor health in both genders, but particularly enjoys connecting with women as they walk through the challenges of pregnancy, labor, and postpartum recovery. She can often be found in the clinic coloring with toddlers or holding a baby while teaching their mother how to effectively strengthen. As the mother of a four-year-old, two-year-old, and a baby on the way, she enjoys pulling from her personal experiences,  background in orthopedics, and manual therapy training to find a tailored and holistic treatment approach for each patient. When not at work Aliece is chasing around her little boys and enjoys leading a local outreach ministry at her church.

Meet Emma!

Hello, I’m Emma! I amCarolina Physical Therapy Emma specializes in pelvic floor therapy, urinary incontinence, and other pelvic health concerns.  a Greenville, SC native, but between living in Houston and completing both my Bachelor’s in Athletic Training and Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees in Indiana, I took the “long route” to Charleston. While in school, as well as since graduating, I have found myself particularly drawn to patient and pain education. This coincides with my personal professional goal statement: to validate my patients’ pain and experience while educating and empowering them to heal and overcome.

I have a strong background in athletics both as a past Division 1 swimmer and as an Athletic Trainer, which I believe allows me a unique perspective on exercise. I know not everyone is aiming to run a marathon (though if you are- congratulations!), but all my patients would like to move better at some level.  I enjoy using this combination of movement and education to treat anyone and everyone; from high-level athletes to weekend warriors, to the geriatric population, and those with neurological diagnoses.

Meet Carrie!

Carolina Physical Therapy Director Carrie specializes in pelvic floor therapy, urinary incontinence, and other pelvic health concerns. My name is Carrie, and I’m the Assistant Director at our Sumter clinic. I’m a proud graduate of the University of Lynchburg, where I not only earned my bachelor’s degree in athletic training but also completed my Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

My expertise lies in orthopedics, neurological conditions, and pelvic health, which I’m incredibly passionate about. I love bringing my knowledge and skills to our team to help our patients achieve their best.

Outside of work, you’ll often find me pursuing my hobbies. I have a keen eye for photography, enjoy getting crafty, and love exploring new places through travel. When I’m not behind the lens or creating something new, I’m probably whipping up something delicious in the kitchen or catching a movie (anything but horror films!) with my friends and my significant other, CJ.

Can’t wait to meet you at the clinic!

Women’s Health is Specialized at the North Charleston and Sumter!