Neurological Conditions

Neurological conditions including stroke, head/spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis and vestibular balance problems leave patients with loss of balance, muscle tightness and weakness.  Often simple activities such as rolling over, getting up from sitting and walking are affected.

Physical therapists use exercise to improve balance, flexibility, strength and functional abilities. They also show patients techniques to improve transfers and mobility. When needed, patients are instructed in the use of canes and walkers and are educated in energy saving techniques.

At Carolina Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine we understand how neurological conditions can affect a person and the ones they love.  Our number one goal is to see that our patient’s needs are met and that they are given every opportunity to regain their independence. We accomplish this with custom-tailored programs designed to regain the functions that have been impaired. The commitment, personal attention and quality of care we devote to each one of our patients gives them the opportunity to achieve their goals.