Custom Foot Orthotics

Foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain can be caused by improper foot alignment and support.  Symptoms occur when muscles, tendons, and joints become inflamed, or degenerate from abnormal, chronic stresses and strains placed upon them.  Calluses, heel spurs, bunions, neuromas and plantar fasciitis are common foot conditions.

The abnormal position of the foot results in improper alignment and strain being placed on the knee, hip, and lower back. Custom orthotics maintain the foot in a more neutral or correct alignment thereby reducing these stresses. To make the orthotics, physical therapists place the foot in its “neutral” position and apply casting material to the bottom of the foot. The casts are sent to a laboratory and the custom orthotics are fabricated. This process takes approximately 10-14 days. Orthotics can be fabricated for a variety of shoes including women’s dress shoes.

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