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Student Fieldwork with Carolina Physical Therapy!

Carolina Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is excited to let you know about student fieldwork opportunities currently available for Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistant programs.

Our programs are designed to provide students with a hands-on, practical experience that not only meets academic requirements but also fosters networking and career preparation. We emphasize meaningful mentorship and the development of strong clinical reasoning skills, ensuring that students can make a significant difference in the lives of the patients they serve.

At Carolina Physical Therapy, we prioritize engagement, inclusion, and maintaining a robust community presence. We believe that participating in our programs will not only contribute to students’ professional growth but also provide them with a unique and impactful learning experience in any of our 11 outpatient clinics.

If you are a student who may benefit from these opportunities, or if you would like more information about our student programs, please feel free to reach out! We look forward to supporting students in their journey towards becoming skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals.

Hear From Our Former Students!

Megan L.

PT, Northeast

“I had such a great experience as a PT student with CPT that when I graduated I knew there was no where else I’d rather work. I moved 600 miles to join the CPT team and it has been the best decision.” Megan L.

Emily N.

PT, DPT Lexington

“I had a wonderful experience as a physical therapy student with Carolina PT at Lexington. The staff were all very welcoming to me as a student. I received excellent instruction not only in improving my clinical skills, but also providing the best possible atmosphere for patients. I am very honored to have been able to return to the Lexington location as a full time therapist!” – Emily N.

Preparing for Fieldwork: A Guide to Expectations

Emmie C.

Are you a physical therapy student gearing up for your fieldwork experience? Navigating the transition from classroom to clinic can be daunting, but Carolina PT has you covered! Recent graduate Emmie has meticulously crafted a guide outlining what to expect during your physical therapy student fieldwork journey. From navigating patient interactions to honing clinical skills, Emmie’s insights will serve as your compass through this pivotal phase of your education. Join us as we delve into the world of clinical practice and discover the essential tips to thrive during your fieldwork experience.

Unlock Your Career Path: Explore the Benefits from Student to New Hire at Carolina PT!

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CEU Reimbursement:

As part of our commitment to your professional growth, Carolina PT has a robust Continuing Education Unit (CEU) reimbursement program. This is a fantastic opportunity to further enhance your skills and stay up-to-date in your field.

Student Loan Assistance:

Carolina PT understands the importance of easing financial burdens and many of our clinicians participate in a student loan assistance program. We recognize the challenges associated with student loans, and our assistance program is designed to support you on your journey to financial wellness.

The Jackson Clinics Orthopedic Residency program

As one of the first Orthopedic Physical Therapy residencies to be nationally-recognized and accredited, The Jackson Clinics’ orthopedic residency program partners with Carolina PT in elevating Doctors of Physical Therapy since 2009.