Aquatic Therapy

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You deserve the best and as always, you can depend on Carolina Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine to provide the best in both therapy services and technology. Carolina Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine’s staff has the experience that makes them the premier physical therapy facilities in the Midlands. The continued upgrading of technology ensures this quality staff has the best and most up to date technology to serve their patients.  The most recent example of this is its acquisition of the AquaCiser®.

The value of aquatic therapy in using the physical properties of water to assist in patient healing and exercise performance has long been known; but to make maximum use of water therapy, Carolina Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine have installed the AquaCiser® pool and treadmill system that provides individually supervised one-on-one physical therapy sessions.  This system is the most advanced aquatic therapy available in the Carolinas.

The variable resistance and low impact AquaCiser® can make a significant difference for a broad range of patients.  Its unique attributes include:

  • Buoyancy that reduces the effect of gravity on joints
  • Hydrokinetic exercise that provides resistance through the range of motion
  • Variable speed treadmill, 0 mph to 9.9 mph reversible treadmill
  • Greater heated water extensibility (92° – 105°F)
  • Improved outcomes for total joint replacements
  • Resistance jets for greater strength and conditioning training

Best of all, these treatments are NOT group activities held in larger pool systems.  As with all Carolina Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine services, each rehabilitation program is custom designed to achieve the outcomes you want.