Pain Management

Millions of people complain of pain every day. Whether it be an acute injury or chronic pain, it’s a nuisance and disturbance to every day activities. The good news- at Carolina PT, we can help.

Neck & Back Pain

Eighty percent of all Americans will suffer from neck or back pain that requires a doctor’s visit. In fact, it is the most common symptom we treat as physical therapists. Common causes include arthritis, degenerative disc disease, sprains and strains, bulging discs, stenosis, and osteoporosis.

Chronic Pain Management

“Chronic Pain” is defined as pain that continues without relief for longer than six months. This condition is often frustrating and debilitating, and in severe cases can result in job loss and lower quality of life. Many patients have been evaluated and treated by multiple health care professionals, but continue to experience pain.

How can Carolina Physical Therapy Help?

We offer a comprehensive approach incorporating manual therapy, prescriptive therapeutic exercise and modalities. Our programs help improve patient’s physical conditions as well as the symptoms. We also include the patient with movement awareness, knowledge of safe positions, functional strength, and coordination.

Treatments offered include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation with emphasis on determining the source of the chronic pain
  • Individualized and specific exercise programs
  • Manual therapy (hands-on treatment)
  • Modalities (including heat, electric stimulation, ultrasound, traction) as needed
  • Progressize home programto help restore independence and self management

In addition to these offerings, we offer the most innovative treatment forms to better our quality of care, including:

Both Aquatic therapy and dry needling, along with modalities, skilled manual therapy, gentle stretching, and strengthening, are proven effective in pain management for chronic and acute patients. Modalities and skilled manual therapy can help to reduce pain and muscle spasms. Gentle stretching and strengthening can also reduce spasm, improve circulation to spinal tissues and increase core strength to provide structural support. Instruction in proper sitting posture and lifting mechanics can alleviate current symptoms and prevent future recurrences.

Are you ready to seek help with your pain management? You do not need a doctors referral to come in for treatment, just call any of our offices for more information!