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How PT is evolving in women’s health

Wait a second…physical therapy has women’s health programs? Believe it or not, a rapidly growing specialty in the field of Physical Therapy is women’s health. But what exactly does this entail? At the base of your pelvis there is a bowl-shaped set of muscles called your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are very important for […]

Meet Jesse Hill, PT, DPT, OCS!

Meet Jesse Hill This week on the blog, we’re featuring our very own director of the Mount Pleasant South location, Jesse Hill. We sat down with him in between patients to ask him 5 questions! What makes you stand out as a physical therapist? The medical field demands continued professional development. I have taken my […]


Whoa…why do my feet hurt so badly every morning? If you have been experiencing pain in the bottom of your heel for an extended period of time, you may have plantar fasciitis. Before worrying, there is good news! Plantar fasciitis is common and can be helped through physical therapy and other forms of treatment. Before […]

3 Reasons to see a PT after a Car Accident

Have you recently experienced a car accident? The jarring sensation of a car accident lingers long after the event itself, leaving both physical and emotional scars in its wake. In such moments, prioritizing one’s health becomes paramount, yet it’s often overlooked amidst the chaos. However, seeking timely physical therapy can significantly alter the trajectory of […]