Working Out as a New Mom

Written by Randall Hadwin, PTA 

Working out used to be a huge part of my routine every day until I recently became a mother. I was having a hard time trying to find the time and the energy to want to work out while watching my newborn. As most mothers know, you rarely have a moment to yourself. You always find something else that needs to be done or taken care of.

Finally, one day I stopped trying to separate the two and decided to combine them together. What better way to exercise than to do it with my cute little boy. I have come to find out that my workouts are a lot more enjoyable when I can share them with my child. My workouts now may not be the same that they were, but I have found a way to stay fit and healthy while spending time with my child.

I want moms to know that it doesn’t have to be one or the other. You can enjoy a decent workout without giving up quality exercises. Here are a couple of exercises that I have found that work for me and my little one.


Going on daily walks allows me to get in my cardio


Strengthening my legs with extra weight.

Crunches with Kisses

Toning my core with a bonus kiss.

Bicep curls

Strengthening my arms with extra weight.


Moms need to remember to take care of themselves as well. You may not be number one anymore, but you still deserve the time to make sure you are healthy and fit. Everything starts with you and what better way to get your kids active as well.

A happy and fit mommy will go a long way!