Carolina Physical Therapy in Gilbert, SC

Image of the new Carolina Physical Therapy in Gilbert, SC featuring Clinic Director Christen Bunnells and staff member Rebecca Roscoe. Carolina Physical Therapy in Gilbert specializes in Graston, TMJ/Facial Pain, Headaches, Sports Related Injuries, Dry Needling, Work Related Injuries, and more!

Carolina Physical Therapy: Your Top Choice for Physical Therapy in Gilbert

To mark this significant achievement, we had the privilege of interviewing Christen Bunnells, the Clinic Director of Carolina PT in Gilbert. In this blog post, you will gain insights into the services provided at the Gilbert Carolina PT clinic, discover what distinguishes them from other physical therapy clinics, and explore their strategies for continued success.


JB: Congratulations on the new clinic, everything looks so great! Let’s first start off with your new location. Where are you located? 

CB: We are at 851 Highway 378, Ste 108, Lexington, SC 29072. We are located between Subway and Great Clips in the Publix strip mall, in the old World Finance space.

JB: What services does the Gilbert location offer?

CB: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (Graston), TMJ/Facial Pain, Headaches, Sports Related Injuries, Dry Needling, Work Related Injuries, Postoperative Conditions, Automobile Injuries, and Joint Pain.

JB: How does the Gilbert location differ or stand out from the other clinics?

CB: We are a small clinic that offers a personal touch to each patient individually. Patients support and enjoy each other while recovering and healing.

JB: Can you share a memorable success story from a patient who has benefited from the services at the Gilbert location?

CB: We’ve had a number of patients progressing really well. Currently we are treating 2 patients who had total shoulder replacements and are acing their rehabilitation.

“Transitioning to a smaller clinic has been incredibly rewarding, not just for me but for our patients as well.”

JB: Tell us about the team at the Gilbert clinic. What unique skills and personalities do they bring to the table?

CB: Currently, our team consists of myself, Christen Bunnells, PTA and Clinic Director, and our office staff, Rebecca Roscoe.

Christen is an empathetic therapist who wants to get you back to your best self. She has a certification in Soft Tissue Mobilization, Kinesiotaping, Spinal and Rib Mobilization, and is a Champion Performance Specialist.
Rebecca is a friendly face who helps keep the clinic clean and organized. Patients have mentioned Rebecca being very pleasant and knowledgeable on the phone and in the clinic.

Patient receiving care at Carolina Physical Therapy in Gilbert, SC, posing with PTA (Physical Therapy Assistant) and Clinic Director Christen Bunnells and Rebecca.
JB: Have there been any unexpected or funny moments during the transition to the Gilbert clinic?

CB: Unexpected – Today, we had a patient who arrived for an initial evaluation through direct access with no referral and who has a suspected clavicle dislocation. All of the physical therapists at Carolina Physical Therapy are educated and knowledgeable to assess a patient during an evaluation to determine a proper course of action and know whether they should begin a rehabilitation program or seek medical attention first.

JB: What exciting new equipment or techniques are you offering at this location that sets it apart from others?

CB: Transitioning to a smaller clinic has been incredibly rewarding, not just for me but for our patients as well. As the sole clinician most days, I’ve had the opportunity to create a truly personalized and patient-focused environment. Previously, I worked alongside five other talented clinicians for over a decade, and that experience has enriched my practice immensely.

JB: How does the Gilbert clinic space contribute to a positive and comfortable experience for patients?

CB: Being a small clinic, the patients are able to get to know each other and their abilities and progress and will cheer each other on.

JB: Did you/do you have any special events or promotions planned to celebrate the grand opening?

CB: We handed out reusable grocery bags with flyers of our new clinic information, a snack, a water bottle, and a Koozie.

JB: Have there been any surprising challenges or lessons learned during the process of opening the Gilbert clinic?

CB: Marketing is a new skill I’ve had to learn. We’re still trying to organize the clinic in a way that seems best for convenience and appeal.

JB: Tell us about the community’s response to the new location. Any heartwarming or humorous anecdotes?

CB: Patients have really been happy with having Carolina PT open a clinic in this area for their convenience. We had a patient transfer to Gilbert from our Lexington office. He was regularly 20 minutes late for his Lexington appointments but has never been late to Gilbert!

Positive testimonial from a patient at the Gilbert, SC location of Carolina Physical Therapy, celebrating the new space closer to their home.

JB: What are your hopes and goals for the Gilbert clinic, both in the short term and long term?

– be productive enough to hire a second full-time therapist, and continue to inform the community about our clinic now being open.
Long-term – offer community classes for educational purposes quarterly.

JB: Share a lighthearted “behind-the-scenes” moment that captures the essence of the Gilbert clinic’s atmosphere.

CB: One thing I love about the clinic is that the patients get to know each other and become supportive and encouraging.

JB: What are some of the most exciting success stories or transformations you’ve witnessed from patients who have used your services at the Gilbert location?

CB: Two stories come to mind. A hospital employee injured on the job recovered from her injury after 3 weeks with us. She was originally referred to another company which was going to take 3 weeks to just get her in for an evaluation, and we had her recovered within those 3 weeks. Also, a college athlete recovered from a post-operative condition and was able to return to sports training after 2 months with us!

JB: Finally, if you could describe the Gilbert clinic in three words, what would they be?

CB: Welcoming, supportive, enjoyable.

JB: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with me. Your new clinic is beautiful and we are so excited to see what the future has in store for you and your team!


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