Meet Cameron Griffith, Director!

New Director at Carolina PT in North Charleston, SC - Cameron Griffith

Meet Cameron Griffith, Director!

Cameron Griffith, new Director of Carolina Physical Therapy in North Charleston, South CarolinaCarolina Physical Therapy in North Charleston has a new Director, Cameron Griffith! Cameron is a passionate Physical Therapist with extensive experience. He graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney in Australia in 1993. Cameron’s journey led him to America, where he served as a Physical Therapist and later as Director of Physical Therapy at Doctor’s Hospital in Jackson, MI.

During his tenure at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, Cameron specialized in spine treatment and worked closely with athletes, students, and faculty for two years. He’s also an expert in Maitland joint mobilization techniques and Butler neuro-mobilization approaches, sharing his knowledge by instructing fellow health professionals.

Cameron’s extensive career also includes a directorial role at Healthsouth Corporation, where he contributed to establishing a sports medicine facility in Indiana. In recent years, he served as Director of Sports Physical Therapy at Ability Physical Therapy and Plymouth Physical Therapy in Jackson, MI.

Welcome aboard, Cameron! We’re thrilled to have your expertise and dedication to enhancing our North Charleston clinic.