Hiking Tips & Tricks

Hiking is one of the most rewarding forms of exercise that I know of. It allows you to lose yourself and focus on your goals and the views instead of the misery some exercise can provide. Whether you are hiking with a group (which during this pandemic we do not advise, so make plans with friends for later on when it is safe), your partner, or just by yourself, hiking can lead to extremely memorable experiences. I consider myself to be an amateur hiker, but have learned a few things along the way.

Find a trail near you. https://www.alltrails.com/

Check the elevation change

  • This will dictate the difficulty of the trail, which is available for each hiking trail listed. Those with strength and endurance limitations may want to avoid moderate and difficult hiking trails. Ask your doctor if there are any health concerns before you hike.

Pack accordingly

  • Water and snacks to keep you fueled and hydrated!

Tell someone else where you’re going

  • Regardless of trail difficulty, it is best to let someone not involved in your hike to know where you are and to expect a call from you afterwards. Cellular phone services is notoriously poor in many good hiking areas, so calling for help if disaster strikes won’t always be possible.

Read reviews

  • This will give you an idea of how busy the trail is. Some entrances to trails, or the “trail head”, can be difficult to find. These reviews may give some information on how to find it.
  • Many reviews from prior hikers give you an idea of what the ideal fitness level is in order to complete this hike

-Jesse Hill, DPT