Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Get fit anytime, anywhere with Carolina Physical Therapy and an RTM program!

You’ve graduated Physical Therapy! Now what?

Graduating PT is a big accomplishment, but it also means it’s time for you to continue your new exercise routine on your own. You thrive on accountability and routine and are worried you will drop the ball on your at-home routine. That’s where our Remote Therapeutic Monitoring app (RTM) comes in play!

A woman sitting on a couch holding a smartphone with a remote therapeutic monitoring app open on the screen. She appears to be using the app to track her progress and maintain her fitness routine at home.What is Remote Therapeutic Monitoring?

RTM has become a popular option for individuals during and after their therapy to help complete their home exercise program (HEP). RTM is typically an app on your phone or tablet, that has a personalized HEP curated by your therapy team to address your symptoms and improve your day-to-day activities. RTM is also a viable tool for individuals who have completed physical therapy but still need to manage their health and wellness while in transition to independent home programs. RTM provides a convenient way for patients to receive continued care and accountability from their physical therapist and stay on track with their recovery goals.

RTM uses various technologies to monitor patients’ health and provide feedback to their healthcare team. Some applications can be synced to smart watches and health trackers to gauge exercise intensity and other measures. Patients can also use mobile apps to report symptoms and communicate with their healthcare team.

Having a way to directly monitor home exercise programs can lead to better therapy results, as well as accountability for completing their programs. Some programs also come with a care navigation team, which can be helpful when questions arise outside of normal business hours (for example, on a Saturday when your physical therapy clinic is closed).

Personalize your HEP program

Another benefit of RTM is that it can be personalized to each patient’s needs. Healthcare providers can tailor the program to the patient’s specific condition and goals, providing individualized care and support.

A graphic of a workout mat with a water bottle and light weights promoting a Remote Therapeutic Monitoring program. After completing physical therapy, it can be challenging to continue performing exercises regularly, without a structured schedule or program to follow. With RTM, patients can receive regular check-ins from their healthcare team and get guidance on how to manage their symptoms at home. Most programs are available for 30 days after in person therapy sessions have been completed, to improve the transition to full independence with a home exercise program. This helps to reduce the chances symptoms return, as well as integrate exercise into a daily routine.

Ready to try it yourself?

RTM is a new and evolving improvement to therapy and is only covered by some insurance plans currently. If you’re interested in RTM and what it can do for your pain or symptoms, talk to your physical therapist to see if it’s right for you. Click the link below to request an appointment at any of our 11 locations!