Terrific Patient Tuesday!

Every once in awhile, we like to highlight our “terrific” patients who give us the ability to do what we do best: help them get better! This week we’re highlighting Alecia, who has been an amazing patient of ours. She wanted to give some insight on her experiences at Carolina Physical Therapy, and give comfort to other potential patients who may feel uncomfortable or nervous about coming to physical therapy. Read her interview below!

  1. How did you end up at Carolina PT?

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was diagnosed when I was 5 years old and have just continued to have problems since then. I had my first of twenty surgeries when I was 18 years old. I have had both hips replaced twice, both knees replaced, and both shoulders replaced twice; just to name a few. My doctor just gave me a list of physical therapy offices that I could choose from. Since I live in Lexington, I chose Carolina Physical Therapy.

  1. What was your experience like?

My experience has always been wonderful each and every time I have needed PT. All of the staff, from the front desk to all of the therapists, are fabulous. I have gotten to know several of the staff members very well. Everyone is always so friendly and nice. During the actual PT sessions, Bill made me feel comfortable. He made therapy fun. Bill was very attentive and always knew how to make me feel good. He was definitely encouraging and always had my best interest in mind. Most people would dread coming to PT but I didn’t dread it. I actually looked forward to coming to PT. Bill knew me and knew when I was getting tired and knew “when I had enough.” The treatment that I needed was for hip, knee, and shoulder replacements.

My favorite part of PT was just getting to talk to everyone. I felt at home and I felt like I could talk about anything while doing therapy. It wasn’t just coming to therapy and doing exercises and leaving. I also loved how I felt when completing therapy. I could tell during the process that I was making progress and at the end I was definitely much better than when I started.

  1. Would you recommend Carolina Physical Therapy and your physical therapist, Bill Sullivan?

I would definitely recommend Carolina Physical Therapy to anyone. The staff is amazing! Everyone was always so nice and cheerful. The office was always clean and well organized. The equipment, mats, bed, etc. were always clean and in working condition. The therapists always worked together and would help each other out if needed.  Not only did I enjoy talking and getting to know Bill, I enjoyed talking to everyone.

Bill was excellent! I would trust him with helping me recover from any surgery. He knows how to make his patients feel good considering the circumstances and why they are there in the first place. He makes it enjoyable as well as successful. Bill really cares about his patients and wants them to be successful and feel much better. If you need PT, Carolina PT is the place to go and Bill is the therapist to see.

Thanks so much for your kind words, Alecia. We really appreciate having you as a part of our Carolina PT family!