Aquatic Therapy featuring Tammy!

Chronic Pain Aquatic Therapy

Chronic Pain Aquatic Therapy

We are highlighting one of our most enthusiastic and motivated patients this week, Tammy! Tammy has suffered from multiple physical ailments throughout her life, but continues to persevere and work as hard as she can to overcome these obstacles. She has found great success at Carolina Physical Therapy, particularly using our Aquaciser for aquatic therapy. Here is what she has had to say about her experiences:

“On bad days I couldn’t push myself because by anxiety had spiked. Each of the physical therapists at Carolina PT had their own style, and I learned many new water techniques from all of them. I’m glad this is where I had to do my aquatic therapy. I have been working in the water for about 10 months, and these amazing people who work here truly care about your progress mentally and physically. I didn’t pick Carolina Physical Therapy, my insurance did, but believe me I’m glad they did.

I was feeling good and doing great when I graduated from Carolina PT. I started a gym 5 days a week for 3 weeks, then my body started to really hurt so unfortunately I was unable to continue working out. This caused a spike in my fibromyalgia pain and in turn, my anxiety grew. But what I have learned is that even when your enthusiasm begins to wane, focus on what is good in your lives. Smile even when it is hard to do so and even when you’re hurting. I choose to continue to push myself and am back with my therapists at Carolina PT to continue this journey again!

I wish you all the best! If you are thinking of a physical therapy program, Carolina Physical Therapy is the place to start!”