Tips & Tricks for Running from a PT

Photo of Kelsey from Carolina Physical Therapy, running in a race.

Benefits of Running

Written by Kelsey Kata, DPT at Carolina Physical Therapy


Happy Global Running Day! What is it?

“This holiday is about inspiring each other to lead a more active lifestyle, no matter the distance covered. This celebration is open and free to everyone. Simply grab your running shoes, a bottle of water, and get your legs moving!”  – sourced from

As a former collegiate runner, Global Running Day is a holiday I can get into. And if you’re not a runner, you may think runners are slightly off their rocker … and in truth, most of us are.

Why do I enjoy Running?

  1. You don’t need a monthly gym membership and you don’t have to spend extra time driving to and from the gym. You just need to put on a pair of shoes and head out your front door.
  2. Self-care and mental health. As a new mom, now more than ever, I need a few minutes to get away and do something good for myself- after all, you can’t take care of others if you yourself are drained (this is for all you mamas out there)! Running is a great way for me to recharge my battery. While some days it is a struggle to get out of bed when the alarm goes off, I never regret getting out the door when I’m done with a run. I find I can clear my head when running and plan my day, week, or anything else on my to-do list and get by prepared for the day ahead.
  3. Gives a sense of accomplishment to set you up for a day of success! Most of my runs during the week are early in the morning before heading into work. I find it gratifying and find a sense of accomplishment knowing I’m done with a workout that is good for both my physical and mental health before a lot of peoples’ alarms have even gone off.
  4. While I enjoy the solo aspect of running, I also enjoy the comradery of the running community. In recent years, a best friends and I use running as an excuse to take a vacation to see each other.  We have run half marathons in Mammoth Lake, CA and Lake Powell, AZ as part of the Vacation Race series (so, so it’s an amazing and healthy way to travel while still having fun and crushing goals!

Kelsey from Carolina Physical Therapy on race day.

Whether you are an experienced runner, or wanting to get into the world of running, here are a few quick tips:

  1. Invest in a good quality pair of shoes.

My personal favorite are Mizuno Wave Riders ( They are a good neutral shoe as far a support, and I have found I can run close to 500 miles on them before they start to wear out and I start to get little aches. But there are a lot of good brands out there: Mizuno, Brooks, New Balance, Hokas…just to name a few.  If you need helping picking out shoes stop by your local running store!  If you are in the Columbia area check out Strictly Running on Devine St.  (, they are sure to help get you into the best shoes for your runs.

  1. Safety!

Most days its still dark out when I run and I don’t leave the house without my Nox Gear vest.  It’s light weight and makes you visible from 360 degrees. (


  1. Stay Hydrated.

Staying hydrated is key, especially during South Carolina Summers.  It’s important to hydrate throughout your day, not just while exercising.  So find a water bottle you love, fill it up and take it with you and refill throughout your day.  I rarely leave the house without my old trusty Nalgene. (

If you need some motivation and accountability to get out the door, find a local running group! A few free groups that have locations around the country and in the Columbia area are FIA and F3.

Now put down your phone or tablet, lace up a pair of shoes and get out the door!

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