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Carolina Physical Therapy is here to improve your golf performance

Are you interested in improving your golf game? Maybe adding some yards to your drive or irons? Or even just want to move better? Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Professionals can help with all of this and more! TPI Professionals are trained in identifying movement restrictions and compensations related to the golf swing.


TPI professionals can screen, assess, and treat areas that can be improved to assist you in potentially lowering your scores and gaining mobility. TPI focuses on identifying areas in the body that may need improved mobility or activation of key muscle groups to best perform during the golf swing.Once areas are identified through a quick screen, the next step is to assess why that area is causing issues in the swing. Is it from poor muscle activation, poor mobility, or a combination of both?


Following the assessment, it’s time to treat the issue. This can be accomplished through exercise, soft tissue massage, joint mobilizations, or combinations of these activities. TPI sessions are not covered by insurance but are available via self-pay options based on session length. Overall, it is a wonderful opportunity to come in, have yourself screened and assessed, get to moving and playing better, and most importantly, enjoy playing the game!


Pros of TPI

  • Great overall functional screening even for the non-golfer. There are many times throughout the course that you can relate certain functional screens to the daily tasks of people seen in the clinic. There are obviously a few that get golf-specific, but overall can be used in several ways.
  • Overall, an easy way to review key concepts with functional screening and quick and easy tests to perform during any session in the clinic.
  • As a golf screen, it doesn’t get better than this certification. A lot of time, effort, and research have gone into this course via the instructors, and it shows in the depth they go to teach you what to look for and how to treat it.
  • The ability to continue to learn aspects of the golf swing in further classes that are divided into medical, fitness, junior, power, and golf categories that also advance to 3 levels.


Cons of TPI

  • If someone were interested, I would recommend going to the live class. The online portion was sufficient, but I’m sure concepts would stick more if attended in person.
  • I would say if you were not interested in golf-specific rehab, then anything past the first level probably would not be beneficial for you, especially since they split up the course into various groups.


If you think TPI screening is right for you, contact us today!