WFH Aches and Pains

Woman working from home experiences aches and pains while sitting at her desk. Carolina PT suggests stretching, regularly getting up from your desk to move around, and the use of aids such as a posture corrector.

Say goodbye to aches and pains when working from home with Carolina PT.

Tips for Working Comfortably at Home

June 24 is National Work from Home Day, which hits home for many due to this past year’s circumstances. Although cutting out the commute, in addition to the relaxed environment may seem like an optimal way to work, it can easily slip into poor habits that can cause aches and pains.

Luckily, we’ve got some expert PT advice to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Here are some tips to change the routine that will help fight off those aches and pains, allow for optimal performance, and keep your productivity going strong.

Tip 1

Evaluate your workstation with care. Examine the positioning of your screen and keyboard, as improper heights may contribute to issues with your neck, back, wrists, and elbows. Optimize your setup by adjusting your chair’s height or elevating the monitor with books. Enhance your posture while sitting further by exploring our range of posture correctors available for purchase. Additionally, think about investing in a standing desk for adjustable height options, promoting an ergonomic workspace. This way, you not only tailor your desk to the right level but also introduce opportunities to stand and maintain proper wrist support while typing and using your mouse.

Tip 2

Take breaks. It doesn’t matter how perfect your workstation is set up- it is difficult to maintain good posture throughout the workday. It is easy to slowly slip into a variety of poor postures! Set a timer, we recommend every hour. Stand up and grab a drink of water or walk around for 30 seconds to break up prolonged sitting. When you return to sitting, be mindful and reset your posture. You will be surprised how taking a short break can make you more productive in the long run!

Tip 3

Even with the previous two tips, a long work day can be exhausting. Take the time to take care of yourself. Here are a few stretches to try out which will help facilitate better posture and fight off the aches and pains.

Doorway stretch

Stretching session for better posture during work from home. Minimizing aches and pains with a dedicated routine and the assistance of a posture corrector.

Upper trap stretch

Home office stretch routine: Relieving aches and pains with targeted stretches. Enhancing the routine with the use of a posture corrector for improved alignment.

Seated hamstring stretch

A person practicing stretching exercises at home to promote good posture and alleviate aches and pains. Incorporating a posture corrector for added support.

If persistent pains from working at home are affecting you, reach out to any of our clinics or request an appointment today. Our expert physical therapists will assess your condition and guide you on the path to recovery, providing valuable insights. Explore options such as ergonomic adjustments, stretching routines, and consider incorporating a posture corrector for enhanced support. Your well-being is our priority, and we’re here to help you achieve relief and optimal health. Contact us now to start your journey toward a pain-free workday.