Meet Erin Davis, Mount Pleasant Physical Therapist

Blog header graphic featuring Erin Davis, PT, Clinic Director at Carolina Physical Therapy in Mount Pleasant, SC, along with her family at a Crimson Tigers game, showcasing their passion for sports and community involvement.

Name: Erin Davis
Clinic Location: Mount Pleasant, SC
Title: Clinic Director
How do you like to celebrate a win or a good day?: With a good meal and a good beer


JB: Erin, thank you for chatting with me! I’m excited to learn more about you and your community! First off, where are you from?

ED: I’m from New Orleans, LA

JB: Where did you go to school? What inspired you to get into the physical therapy space?

ED: I went to Clemson University for college and MUSC for PT school. I actually knew I wanted to become a physical therapist in high school. I played competitive sports my entire childhood and really enjoy being active. I have way too much energy to sit behind a desk the entire day. I really think the human body is amazing in what it can do, and I enjoy talking to people and helping people return to their desired activity levels.

JB: What do you like most about your work in the physical therapy space?

ED: I love helping people return to their active lifestyles. Whether it’s getting back on the soccer field, returning to running or being able to keep up with their grandkids, it is just so amazing to see the transformations that can occur. I also really enjoy getting to know my patients. I love meeting new people and learning about their lives and experiences. I feel that it is very important to do this in order to build a foundation of trust to help them heal.

JB: What is one thing you wish everyone knew more about the body or physical therapy?

ED: That “motion is lotion,” our bodies are meant to move! Also, we are not here to make you hurt! If you have a lot of pain after PT, something is not working, and we need to change things up.

JB: What patients or diagnoses are you most excited about treating?

ED: I honestly love treating a variety of patients and diagnoses. I love treating kids and adults. I enjoy helping patients post-operatively and love helping people with pain or movement dysfunctions.

JB: Can you share a patient success story with us?  Is there a patient you worked with that made a significant impact on you as a therapist or leader?

ED: I cannot think of one particular patient that sticks out to me. One thing that is amazing about this job, is there are a lot of stories that really fill your heart. When a patient comes back and tells me they were able to do some task like go up the stairs, sleep through the night, run, etc without pain for the first time in months/year’s etc, it is just so awesome!

JB: What about your life outside of Carolina PT? Are you involved with any outside organizations? 

ED: I volunteer at my church (The Church at LifePark) each Sunday and volunteer to help coach/manage my son’s soccer team.

JB: What do you like to do in your free time?

ED: What is free time? HAHA just kidding… my family and I really enjoy being outside and being active. In the summer, you can usually find us poolside. I love watching my kids play sports, so you will often find me on the sidelines cheering them on (probably a little too loudly!). We also love our local church and are regular attendees each Sunday.

JB: What is your favorite local spot?

ED: We love going to the docks near our neighborhood to watch the sunset on the Wando River.

Wando River Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Wando River in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina Photo Credit: Erin Davis


JB: What is your favorite quote or saying?

ED: We have this verse on the wall by the front door…”Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9.

JB: Rapid fire! What is your favorite sports team? Favorite color? Sweet or salty? Coffee or tea? Beach or mountains? Stay in or go out?

ED: Clemson Tigers and New Orleans Saints, cerulean, salty… chips and dip are the best, I actually used to say neither but started drinking coffee about 3 years ago, I love to visit the mountains, but we live at the beach, and I prefer to go out but stay within the neighborhood!

Erin Davis, Director of Carolina Physical Therapy in Mount Pleasant cheering on the Clemson Tigers

Erin Davis, PT, cheering on the Clemson Tigers with her family. Photo Credit: Erin Davis


JB: What is your best joke?

ED: I let my husband be the jokester 🙂 #dadjokes

JB: Why do you like working at Carolina Physical Therapy?

ED: I love having the freedom to treat patients how they need to be treated. There are way too many companies around that dictate how long you can see a patient and what you are allowed to do with them. Carolina PT is all about helping patients and they allow us the freedom to do what we need and what we see fit to restore people to the level of functioning they desire.

JB: What is the culture like in your clinic?

ED: We like to make physical therapy fun! We are very focused on improving people’s pain levels but know that you need to have a good relationship with therapists and the front office in order to fully heal. We talk about food way too often and enjoy having fun with our patients.

JB: Let’s talk more about your community. What activities do you enjoy locally?

ED: My family has recently started to play disc golf and we really like it. We enjoy the beach but don’t go as often as we should. We like to fish in our neighborhood ponds.

JB: What is your favorite local restaurant to go out to eat at?

ED: If my husband and I have a chance to have a night out and are going to splurge we love Hall’s Chophouse. My family’s favorites are Mex 1, Page’s Okra Grill, and Kickin Chicken.

JB: One last question… what is your favorite small business?

ED: Carolina PT!