Mount Pleasant Personal Trainer: Joe Beddall

Image of a Staff Spotlight: Joe Baddell, Mount Pleasant PTA and Personal Trainer at Carolina Physical Therapy, located in Mount Pleasant, SC. Joe is pictured in action, working closely with a client to guide them through a personalized exercise routine. His dedication and expertise shine as he helps clients on their wellness journey.

Name: Joe Beddall
Clinic Location: Mount Pleasant, SC
Title: Physical Therapy Assistant & Personal Trainer
What is your favorite quote or saying?:  “Beat yesterday” 


JB: Joe, I know you’re new to Carolina PT and the Mount Pleasant area, so thanks for making time to chat! Where did you move here from? 

Joe: Reading, PA

JB: Where did you go to school? What inspired you to get into the physical therapy space?

Joe: I went to school at Bloomsburg University and Central Penn College. I was inspired to get into the physical therapy space to treat sport-related injuries. I want to help others become healthier and recover from injury, which is why I chose to go into the physical therapy profession.

JB: What do you like most about your work in the physical therapy space?

Joe: I love the opportunity to combine my passions of exercise and helping others with a personal hands-on approach

JB: What is one thing you wish everyone knew more about the body or physical therapy?

Joe: That “motion is lotion” and movement is so important for everyone at any stage of their life

JB: What patients or diagnoses are you most excited about treating?

Joe: I enjoy working with a wide variety of patients and diagnoses but I especially enjoy rehabbing athletes to return to sports.

JB: Can you share a patient success story with us?  Is there a patient you worked with that made a significant impact on you as a therapist or leader?

Joe: My favorite success story was working with a patient who was very uncertain about Physical Therapy at first after getting a total knee replacement since she didn’t speak very much English. Initially, it was a challenge for us to communicate, however over time she taught me enough Spanish and I had helped teach her enough English that we no longer needed a translator for our sessions. She did great with her rehab and came back to work with me for her second knee replacement.

Joe Beddall, PTA with patient who went through a knee replacement and physical therapy

JB: What about your life outside of Carolina PT? Are you involved with any outside organizations? 

Joe: Not yet! I just moved here but I will be looking to get involved in the community when I am settled in.

JB: What do you like to do in your free time?

Joe: I enjoy being outside at the beach or by the pool. I’ve always loved playing sports and enjoy playing basketball and golf the most. I hear pickleball is pretty popular here and I think I’m going to have to check it out.

JB: Pickleball is BLOWING UP right now! Shameless plug, We posted a pickleball blog not too long ago if you need some tips to get started.

Joe: I will definitely check it out. Thanks!

JB: What is your favorite fictional character? 

Joe: Popeye

JB: I know you’re still getting settled in, but do you have any favorite local spots yet? 

Joe: Yes! Island Cabana and Sullivan’s Island

JB: Rapid fire! What is your favorite sports team? Favorite color? Sweet or salty? Coffee or tea? Beach or mountains? 

Joe: Villanova Wildcats, green, salty, coffee, beach

JB: How do you celebrate a win or a good day? 

Joe: Relaxing usually listening to music and watching basketball or football

JB: Stay in or go out?

Joe: It depends. I like both but have been enjoying going out and seeing my new city

JB: Do you have any local favorite restaurants yet?

Joe: Home Team and San Miguel 

JB: What is your best joke?

Joe: How do you know if someone ran a marathon? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

Joe Beddall, PTA and athletic trainer near me, at Carolina Physical Therapy, completing a marathon.


JB: Why do you like working at Carolina Physical Therapy?

Joe: We are lucky to have a great team that shares the same goal of decreasing patient’s discomfort levels while improving their everyday lives. Our patients at Carolina PT are awesome and show up to their appointments willing to work hard and make an effort to get better.

JB: What is the culture like in your clinic?

Joe: The culture is a great mix of fun and making people feel at home. Everyone gets along very well and communicates, and we focus on improving patient’s functionality while making sure they enjoy the process.

JB: The Carolina PT team is such a fun bunch! Let’s talk more about your community. What activities do you enjoy locally?

Joe: I’m still new here but I’m planning on joining a basketball and kickball league and signing up to participate in some upcoming races.

JB: Who is your favorite superhero?

Joe: I always liked the Hulk. I grew up a very skinny kid and always wanted to be strong and powerful.

Joe Baddell, PTA at Carolina Physical Therapy, as a kid.

JB: One last question… what is your favorite small business?

Joe: Cotton Sky! 

JB: I will definitely be on the lookout for that ice cream truck! Thanks for chatting with me today and welcome to the Carolina PT team! We are so excited to have you on board and can’t wait to see you succeed!